Valley View Tower – High Reach Demolition – Utah State University

Valley View Tower was demolished by the Grant Mackay Company for Spindler Construction based in Logan, Utah. The Forty-Five-year-old, Eight (8) Story Building, Valley View Tower was originally built with post-tension steel cables running through the concrete for extra strength. It was determined by Spindler Construction and USU Facilities Architect Joe Beck that the building could not be imploded and needed to be demolished conventionally, due to the potential safety issues of demolishing high tension steel cables embedded in concrete near adjacent buildings. This project required Extensive Demolition Experience so Spindler Construction utilized the expertise of Grant Mackay Company Demolition to could cut through the Concrete and Steel, floor-by-floor, to pull the building down. Grant Mackay Company Demolition used an Excavator with a 110 Ft. reach with a very powerful Hydraulic Scissor-Processor attachment that cut through the Concrete and Steel so it could be Safely pulled down. Additional Excavators were utilized to demolish the bottom three (3) Floors and the Basement. All of the Steel and other Metals were extracted and then loaded into End Dump Trailers and delivered to a Metals Recycler.

Scott MackayValley View Tower – High Reach Demolition – Utah State University