Selective Demolition

Selective Demolition – Time Lapse: Start to Finish, Americana Tower, Houston TX

Time Lapse Video of Americana Tower Demolition, Downtown Houston Texas, the 10-Story Tower segment of the Americana Building at 811 Dallas underwent a Selective Demolition process by the Grant Mackay Demolition Company. To mitigate impact to the area, explosives were not used but rather a Grant Mackay Company Selective Demolition Process. This enabled the Streets to remain open and the Ground Level 30,000 square foot section remained untouched for a planed renovation for a New Retail Space. Grant Mackay Demolition is very experienced in Selective Demolition and removed the 10-Story Tower floor by floor with absolutely no intrusion to the Ground Level Structure or the Traffic on the City Streets; leaving them completely untouched. In the above Time Lapse Video you can see the entire process from start to finish. Our Selective Process separated the Steel Rebar which was sent to a Metal Recycling Company. Grant Mackay Company is an International Demolition Company with experience in operating multiple projects in Countries other than the United States. Grant Mackay Company, since 1947, brings extensive experience and expertise in all areas of Demolition. With Offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Houston, Texas, Grant Mackay Demolition has access to International Airports and the Shipping Ports of Houston, Texas and Long Beach, California. In addition, Grant Mackay Company utilizes expert Computer Technology for Planning and Project Management. Further, the Grant Mackay Company’s Information System operates based on the Highest Computer Industry Standards and Best Practices for Information Security, Data Access and Productivity. From start to finish, Grant Mackay Company offers unparalleled professionalism making it the best choice for any Demolition Project.

Scott MackaySelective Demolition – Time Lapse: Start to Finish, Americana Tower, Houston TX