Commercial Excavating

Grant Mackay has specialized in commercial excavating for over 20 years.

Commercial Excavating by Grant Mackay

Excavating is an essential step of any large-scale construction project. Before any building can be constructed the proper groundwork must be laid and done so without mistakes. Grant Mackay has specialized in commercial excavating for over 20 years and has the expertise to ensure the job is done correctly and on time.

Commercial excavating often requires working underneath existing structures, a practice that necessitates proper techniques and equipment. Grant Mackay Demolition Company has undertaken many such projects throughout Utah, including the Utah State Capital Building and the Salt Lake City and County Building. With the old footings removed, Grant Mackay was able to install a number of seismic upgrades, improving the overall structural characteristics of both buildings.

Grant Mackay has completed commercial, residential and industrial excavation projects throughout the West, including Utah and Texas. Our strong reputation in the industry is helping us expand our business to other parts of the country as well. We have the qualifications and equipment to handle nearly any excavation project.


We can take care of all your utility needs such as installing:

  • Water lines 
  • Sewer lines 
  • Storm lines 

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