Selective Demolition

Grant Mackay Demolition Company has worked with a grand scale of selective demolition projects, including some of the highest-profile historic restoration projects in the nation.

Selective Demolition

Grant Mackay Demolition works on selective demolition projects in Utah, Texas, as well as anywhere worldwide.Grant Mackay Demolition Company’s selective demolition repertoire includes some of the nation’s highest-profile historic restoration projects.

Using the most advanced interior demolition techniques in the industry, Grant Mackay Demolition cleared and replaced outdated footings with a host of seismic upgrades to increase the overall structural stability of both the Utah Capitol Building and the Salt Lake City and County Building. These same processes were used to upgrade the footings on the historic Hotel Monaco and the Bennett Federal Building, both located in downtown Salt Lake City.

What is Selective Demolition?

Selective demolition, sometimes referred to as interior demolition, is a popular alternative to completely tearing down a building. When a building is structurally sound, but an interior remodeling is desired, selective demo is often called for. Grant Mackay demolition’s expertise in this field makes them an industry leader.

Interior Demolition

Grant Mackay Demolition Company has earned a reputation as one of America’s premiere interior demolition companies. The inherent pitfalls that accompany this type of work can prove disastrous with even a slight miscalculation, and it’s our attention to detail that has provided us with a remarkable safety record, as well as an outstanding history of customer satisfaction.

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