Multi-Story Demolition

Grant Mackay Demolition Company holds years of critical experience in multi-story demolition.

Multi-Story Demolition for Your High-rise Demo Project

Grant Mackay Demolition Company has multi-story demolition projects found in Utah, Texas, and around the world.

Grant Mackay demolition uses the latest in demolition techniques and equipment to ensure all of our projects are safely and efficiently completed. High reach excavators and other industrial equipment are used by licensed professionals to tackle these high-rise demolition projects without risking the surrounding structures or infrastructure. Our experience in this type of work makes us a leader in the industry.

Multi-Story Demolition in Utah

One of our most recent projects, blocks 75 and 76 of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, consisted of several high-rise buildings, including the Key Bank Tower , surrounded by many smaller structures. Our proven demolition techniques were applied to this project with resounding success.

Multi-Story Demolition in Texas

The Old El Paso City Hall implosion project, located in the heart of El Paso, Texas, was complete in seconds. With the proper planning and application of explosives, the 11-story, 27000 square foot structure was effectively imploded with minimal dust and debris.

What is Multi-Story Demolition?

Multi-story demolition work requires a vast amount of knowledge and experience. The close proximity of other buildings and the heavily populated areas that normally surround these projects necessitates extremely precise demolition techniques. Grant Mackay Demolition Company is one of the nation’s premiere companies in this type of work.

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