Industrial Demolition

Industrial demolition is a highly intensive, hazardous type of work, which requires a company with proven experience in the field.

Industrial Demolition by Grant Mackay

Industrial demolition is one of the most intensive types of work in the business. The combination of hazardous materials and hazardous working conditions requires a company that has experience in the field. Grant Mackay Demolition Company holds a repertoire of industrial demolition projects in Utah, Texas, New Zealand and throughout the rest of the world. Grant Mackay Demolition Company’s dedication to quality, precise work is what separates this company from competitors.

Industrial Demolition in Utah

Grant Mackay Demolition Company has worked on some of the largest industrial demolition projects in the country, including the demolition of Geneva Steel, located in Orem, Utah. This sprawling industrial complex included a number of challenges including asbestos abatement and soil remediation, all of which were professionally managed by Grant Mackay. Our expertise in this field is unsurpassed and we take pride in our reputation as one of the nation’s leaders in industrial demo work.

What is Industrial Demolition?

Industrial demolition requires highly specialized techniques. This type of work often requires the handling and disposing of hazardous materials such as fuel, oil and asbestos. Mackay demolition has a vast amount of experience in this type of demolition work and can see the process through from beginning to end.

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