High Reach Demolition

Grant Mackay Demolition Company is one of the nation’s premiere companies in high reach demolition.

High Reach Demolition

Grant Mackay Demolition Company has a large repertoire of high reach demolition projects in Utah, Texas, New Zealand and throughout the rest of the world.

Weber State University – Promontory Tower Demolition:

High Reach Demolition in Utah

The Promontory Tower project, located at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, featured three methods of high reach demolition.

This demolition began with a BROCKK robotic excavator suspended from a crane. We use BROCKK robotic radio-controlled excavators because they allow precise work as their operators remain at a safe distance from hazardous conditions.

We followed up our BROCKK high reach demolition method with a floor-by-floor demolition. In this method, we removed the top three floors in order to safely reach the remaining parts of this building with precision.

We completed this building’s demolition by thoroughly and efficiently picking apart the remaining structure using our 100-foot high reach demolition excavator.

High Reach Demolition in Texas

Our 3400 Montrose project, located in Houston, Texas, had to be dismantled piece by piece due to its being located in a heavily populated area.

This 61-year-old 10-story office structure was surrounded by other buildings and a high-traffic streets. It was notably hovering closest to the La Colombe D’or, a luxury hotel and wedding center. The Grant Mackay team ensured this demolition was performed safely with minimal dust being spread.

The demolition of the 3400 Montrose high rise building began with the clean removal of its parking lot, and then effectively progressed over a couple of months with a floor-by-floor demolition going from its top floor down to its bottom floor.

Our high reach demolition process for this project was among the cleanest and most efficient for such a high-traffic area. Construction of a new high rise building swiftly began after demolition was complete.

What is High Reach Demolition?

High reach demolition deals primarily with the tearing down of multiple story, taller establishments. This includes establishments of all uses, but mostly office buildings and high rise condominiums. High reach demolition projects require highly precise demolition techniques. Grant Mackay Demolition Company is an industry leader in this type of demolition work.

Grant Mackay’s high reach demolition projects are performed with our own two high reach cranes. Our cranes stand at 135 feet and 96 feet tall. We complete our projects with our specialized tools that pull apart and shear steel as well as crush concrete. Meanwhile, our we use specialized cameras placed within the demolition that provide us with clear views of our working conditions on an LED screen. That way, we can clearly see exactly how the demolition is taking place, from a long ways away, detail for detail.  Furthermore. our operators surgically dismantle our building subjects with water-suppression systems used for suppressing dust.

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