Commercial Demolition

Grant Mackay Demolition Company is an industry leader in commercial demolition work.

Commercial Demolition

Grant Mackay Demolition Company has a large repertoire of commercial demolition projects in Utah, Texas, and throughout the rest of the United States.

What is Commercial Demolition?

Commercial demolition deals primarily with the tearing down of office buildings, retail establishments, and other commercial structures. This often means working in close proximity to other buildings, which requires highly precise demolition techniques. Grant Mackay Demolition Company is an industry leader in this type of demolition work.

Commercial demolition stands the purpose of re-utilizing areas in ways that result in restoring values of properties used for buying and selling goods. Demolition of underperforming commercial buildings allows owners to recreate value of existing property.

Commercial Demolition for Massive City Renovation

As our most outstanding project to date, Grant Mackay Demolition Company was hired as part of the massive downtown Salt Lake City renovation called the City Creek project. We were responsible for the demolition of blocks 75 and 76 of the downtown Salt Lake City area. This included the demolition of two multi-story buildings, as well as other smaller structures.

Before we started on the City Creek project, business within two full city blocks of retail space had become stagnant. Downtown Salt Lake City needed some reinvention.

Grant Mackay Demolition Company proceeded in demolishing two full city blocks of underperforming commercial establishments, all while select high rise structures remained standing and in operation. The 21 story Key Bank tower was imploded, and the other high rise structures were demolished with a high reach demolition excavator.

Today, this area is thriving as a mixed-use development called the City Creek Center, complete with revitalized businesses, restaurants, and condominiums. This project was a great investment in the owner’s commercial property.

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