Brokk Robotic Excavators

Grant Mackay Demolition Company uses Brokk Robotic Excavators.

Brokk robotic excavators are robotic remote control excavators.This equipment is radio-controlled, and allows acute management from a safe distance of demolition project sites.

Brokk Robotic Excavators are Efficient.

Our Brokk robotic excavators are small enough to get into tight areas, all while leaving structural members intact and selectively removing building components such as walls, floor coverings, and ceilings. This technology helps keep workers at a safe distance from potentially dangerous interior spaces. Brokk robotic excavators can simply roam and work in spaces, or be hoisted on a crane to work off a platform. The latter option works especially well for use in chimney and high reach demolition projects.

Brokk Robotic Excavators at Work:

Here’s footage of a Brokk robotic excavator at work on one of our demolition projects.

Scott MackayBrokk Robotic Excavators