Selective Demolition

Americana Tower Demolition, Houston TX

Americana Tower Demolition, Downtown Houston Texas, the 10-Story Tower segment of the Americana Building at 811 Dallas is undergoing a Selective Demolition process by the Grant Mackay Demolition Company. Explosives are not being used but rather a Grant Mackay Company Selective Demolition Process as the Ground Level 30,000 square foot section will remain to be renovated for New Retail Space. Grant Mackay Demolition is very experienced in Selective Demolition and is removing the 10-Story Tower floor by floor with absolutely no intrusion to the Ground Level Structure leaving it completely untouched. In the above picture of the Americana Tower in the Downtown Houston Skyline, a Grant Mackay Company Demolition Expert is operating a Robotic Hydraulic Hammer to remove all of the Concrete. The Selective Process separates the Steel Rebar which is then sent to a Metal Recycling Company. All of the Debris is removed with precision and is contained within the project area so that the Streets surrounding the building are still open.

Scott MackayAmericana Tower Demolition, Houston TX