Selective Demolition

Americana Tower Demolition, Houston TX

Americana Tower Demolition, Downtown Houston Texas, the 10-Story Tower segment of the Americana Building at 811 Dallas is undergoing a Selective Demolition process by the Grant Mackay Demolition Company. Explosives are not being used but rather a Grant Mackay Company Selective Demolition Process as the Ground Level 30,000 square foot section will remain to be renovated for New Retail Space. …

Mark MitchellAmericana Tower Demolition, Houston TX
Blasting Precision Timing

Provo Power Smokestack Demolition near BYU

Provo Power Smokestack Demolition, near BYU (Brigham Young University) in Provo, Utah. It was Time to Make Way for a New Natural Gas Powered Electric Generation Plant. These Two (2) Smoke Stacks for the Old Provo Coal Powered Generation Plant had to be Demolished by Precise Blasting. Since the Tall Stacks were right next to a Cell Tower, a Google …

Mark MitchellProvo Power Smokestack Demolition near BYU
old building awaiting demolition

When is Demolition Necessary?

Building takes time, and demolition takes consideration. Demolishing a building isn’t easy, and it requires careful, detailed planning to demolish any structure.

Grant Mackay DemolitionWhen is Demolition Necessary?

Video – About Grant Mackay Co.

What makes Grant Mackay Demolition Company a demo contractor in demand is the work ethic and the on-time approach to every job they complete.

Grant Mackay DemolitionVideo – About Grant Mackay Co.

El Paso City Hall Implosion

Grant Mackay Co. teams with CDI to implode old El Paso city hall.

Grant Mackay DemolitionOld El Paso City Hall Implosion – Grant Mackay Co. and CDI

Brokk Robotic Excavators

Grant Mackay Demolition Company uses Brokk Robotic Excavators.

Grant Mackay DemolitionBrokk Robotic Excavators